In creating his works, he has been influenced by imagination, mentality, and the society around him together. In creating his works, he uses the three mentioned items in his work in such a way that he forces the audience to interpret and critique his work, and these three items are very vital and significant in the work, under the influence of imagination. In works, the target audience should be looking for signs or linguistics. Because the artist, as a person who has abandoned himself in his imagination, just a simple presence in front of his work is not enough to understand the work, but must have knowledge from the psychological point of view of the audience. Of course, it is also possible to examine a work from this point of view, which the audience analyzes from a sociological point of view and their own minds and imagination.
If we consider a work of art as a novel of a multi-stylistic, multi-phonetic and multi-lingual phenomenon, then the view of the artist and the audience becomes an interesting dialogue. The artist as an imaginative person, whom the audience sees in his work, is different and creative from the artist himself. Why under the influence of his time in which the social context was influential, why? Because real and social life in the environment around us has several voices and by nature the conscious and awake artist understands and implements the smallest interactions in his works. As the inventor of intertextuality, Kristova coined the term multidimensional, but multidimensionalism can be used to analyze the works of the creative artist. Bart, as the one who proposed the pleasure of the text, divides it into two categories: reproductive and phenomenal. With these descriptions, to which category does the creative dreamer artist belong? Half reproductive and half phenomenological, because the works of the dreamer artist have different meanings from the point of view of the audience according to the characteristics of the reproductive text. Which itself causes polyphony and plurality of meaning.

 name=”Zohreh Shayestehfar” role=”Manage colored squares” description=”Art is my life and passion (slogan of colored squares)” 

name=”Azadeh Pourashraf” role=”Deputy of colored squares” description=”Art is my life and passion (slogan of colored squares)”

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