In the name of God

General Information

Name: Zohreh

Last name: Shayestehfar



Email: /

Educational Background

  • Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design

Entrance date: February 2003 … Graduated: February 2008

Name of University: Elmo Farhang University, Tehran, Iran

Bachelor GPA: 17, 16 /20

  • Master Degree in Animation

Entrance date: May 2012   … Graduated: March 2015

Name of University: Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Master GPA: 18, 30 /20

  • PhD in Art research

Entrance date: October 2019   … Status: Student

Name of University: Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

Research Experience (Journals)

Name of paper: The combination of calligraphy and motifs in the carpets of nineteenth and twentieth century


Name of paper: Thematic review on the iconography of Islam’s prophet in the paintings of ILKHANID era and the icon painting of Jesus Christ in the late byzantine

Religious paintings.


  • -Published paper in the Biannual of Women in Culture and Art;

Tehran University; Vol: 4; No 1, spring 2012:

Name of paper: Illustration of women in Iranian Ghalamdan in Ghajariye era.


  • -Published paper in The Journal of Islamic Art;

The Institute of Islamic Art Studies; Vol: 17; No 39 winter2021 :

Name of paper: A Comparative Study on Psychological Components of Nikzad Nojumi and Ali Akbar Sadeghi as Two Painter Artists.


  • -Published paper in The Scientific Research Journal in Humanities and Social Studies;

No 20 summer 2020 :

Name of paper: A Comparative Study of the Concept of Peace of Mind Based on Descartes’ Metaphysical Forces and the Peace Established by the Holy Verse “Surely, it is in the Remembrance of God that Hearts Find Peace [ Quran 13:28]” (Case Study of the Ceramic Tiling of the Jameh [Friday] Mosque of Isfahan)

  • -Published paper in The Bi-monthly scientific journal of research in arts and humanities;

Vol 5, No 29 October, 2020:

Name of paper: A Study on the Amorphousness and Loneliness of Contemporary Mankind in the Post-Coronavirus Period A Case Study of the Works of Polish Artist Magdalena Abakanowicz


  • -Published paper in Journal of Applied Studies in Social Sciences and Sociology;

Vol 4, No 01 Spring, 2021:

Name of paper: The Social Function of Art in the Post- Coronavirus Era, from the Perspective of Adorno

A Case Study: The Last Supper of Ballester



  • -Published paper in The Bi-monthly scientific journal of research in arts and humanities;

Vol 5, No 33 May, 2021:

Name of paper: The concept of aesthetics and functionalism in the design of Chaleshter locks from Wolff’s viewpoint



  • -Published paper in Journal of Iranian and Islamic architectural and restoration research;

Vol 4, No 08 Spring-Summer, 2021:

Name of paper: Commercial function of religious graphics Decorations of mosques inscriptions in logo design

Research Experience (Conference), certificate attached

  • -International Conference on Innovation and Research in Arts and Humanities / 2015

Name of Article: Study the element of movement in the legendary creatures of Sultan Muhammad

And its representation in Iranian animation

Web sites:


  • – The 2nd National Iranian Animation Conference / 2015

Name of Article: Exaggeration element in the images of Sultan Muhammad and his representation in Iranian animation

Web sites:


  • – International Coference on Modern Research in civil Engineering Architecture & Urban Development / 2015

Name of Article: Simplification study in Reza Abbasi’s monographs and their application in contemporary urban spaces.

Web sites:


  • – International Conference on Architecture, Urbanism, Civil Engineering, Art, Environment/ 2015

Name of Article: Myth in Iranian-Islamic painting and inspiration for Iranian animations

Web sites:  Institute of Art and Architecture (SID)



  • International Conference on Architecture, Art and Applications(ICAAA) / 2015

Name of Article: Ability to use traditional narrative narration of Iran

In national animation productions

Web sites:


  • Scientific Conference on New Horizons in Geography and Planning, Architecture and Urban Science of Iran) / 2016

Name of Article: Application of Persian-Islamic Art of Safavid Period in Urban Furniture

  (A bus station case study)

Web sites:


  • The International Congress of the Humanities and Cultural Studies / 2017

Name of Article: History of the use of visual capabilities of spaces, demons and legends in art (case study: visual-content)

Web sites:


  • The International Congress of Modern Research in Psychology, Counselling and Education Sciences / 2019

Name of Article: solutions for production of creative artistic products and informative conceptual animations in order to prevent animal abuse

Web sites:

Festival Background

۱- Adoption of the Café Sultan Mohammed animation at the International and International Festivals (Soo American Festival) and (GSF American Festival) and (Kish Wave Film Festival)

۲- Acceptance of Iranian characters in the Design of the Iranian Personality Design of the Cultural and Art Organization of Tehran Municipality

۳- Reception and animation of Café Soltan Mohammad’s animation at the Islamic-Islamic Art Research Conference 3 titled The Position of Decorative Artifacts in Islamic Art

۴- Reception of the photo at the Dushanbe Festival. Ashoora Picture of Jahrom, Shiraz, Iran

۵- Participate in a group exhibition called Photo and Image Intertwining, in Hug Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Artistic mastery

Character Design / Concept Design / Storyboarding / Logo Design / Lego Tapping / Poster Design / Layout / Cover Design / Simplifying Old Artistic Crafts to Applying Decoration in the World of Jewelry / Art Research / Website Design / Storyboard / Illustration / Painting / Photography / Ability to master the creation, development and implementation of new ideas and visual and graphical concepts.

Career Background

  1. Member of the Graphic Designers Association of Iran
  2. Member of Asifa Society (Iranian Animation Society)
  3. Member of Iranian Cinema House
  4. Member of the Credit Inventory of Artists

۵- Having a special artistic card for artisans

  1. Insurance of authors and creators of books

۷- Experience history as a free graphic artist for 10 years

  1. Experience as a project-oriented graphic artist at the Institute for the Study of Islamic Art for 7 years

۹ – Construction of zero to one hundred mini animation of the cafe Soltan Mohammad

  1. Writing stories for the child’s age group and illustration,

Computer Experience

Photoshop Illustrator CorelDraw InDesign Aftereffects Premiere
Microsoft office Web designing 0 to 100

Word press

۳d Max Rhino Html & css Animestudio