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About Me

  • Name: Zohre Shayestehfar
  • Role: Art Director
  • Current City: Iran, Tehran
  • Email:       

Art Director

  • I work here as a art director then I make art idea for increasing sales and knowing better about that institute work in so every moment i try to collect data that help me
  • Institute of Islamic art Studies
  • Jan 2012 – Present

Graphic Designer

  • I became a graphic designer, when I entered university so I was happy because can alive all dream that related to my art and all idea that go to my mind. Graphic design is a way for growing market and be popular with work. This major help all business which want be first on peek of work so I chose this a major for starting a hard way. This my note keep trying in your life don’t stop.
  • Freelancer
  • present  – ۲۰۱۲

Painting & Illustration

  • I started painting when I was in high school so I participated at art festivals and got certificate because of that after finishing my study, I selected art major for studying in university and Parallel with my study, I have started illustration of children book and writing as well.
  • Freelancer
  • ۲۰۰۰ – present


  • Animation a way for making all idea that come through your mind so animation give you a good way and amazing for making alive your dream. When I was a master student of animation in 2012 my mind was full of awesome story and ready for understanding all rules of that but I think that now my mind is so talented for continuing this way.
  • Tehran University
  • May 2012 – March 2015

My Skills

Graphic Design89%
Web Design80%
Art research80%

What I Do

Graphic Design

Thank you for choosing  my web page, I can get your graphic order and  knowing better my design see

Graphic Portfolio 


welcome to colored-squares my web page, you can send your order to me but before that see my illustration art

illustration Portfolio 


All people love animation but some of them able to make that I can as well

Animation portfolio

Art research

Art is so simple but for understanding better we should research i can help you

Resume art research

Web design

Nowadays each business and person for introducing themselve must have a website

Website portfolio 


A home or a office for having a calm and pleasure place need to put a painting on the wall

Painting portfolio

What I Teach


Graphic Design

I can teach all computer program that related to graphic with practical exercise

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I can say all techniques that helps you for being a children illustrator and success

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I can tech you how to make a animation from 0 to 100 or some part of animation

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Art research

I can tech you how improve your lecture or your subject for presenting

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Web design

I can tech how design and make your website without any programing knowledge

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I can tech you for making and drawing your dream with color pencil

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As an Art Director, I hope to create successful ads with a fun and upbeat attitude. I feel that there is always room for excitement in one’s career. keeping an open mind and communicating ideas.