About Me:

My interest in art, especially painting, has its roots in adolescence, a period full of aspirations and attempts to obtain the best artistic position in adulthood. So my artistic mind started working, and the first step at that time was to participate in art competitions, in colored pencil technique, and themes of nature and Still Life. Therefore, the artistic appeal of this route was so great that it led to two achieve Bachelor’s degrees in Graphic Design and a Master’s degree in Animation, with theses on the subject of research in Persian art of Safavid periods, 16 and 17 AD centuries, respectively; one was related to the motifs of this period and its capabilities in environmental graphics, and the other was the painting capabilities of that period in the production of animation. Moreover, after graduating from these courses, I tried hard to enrich my resume and work experience as follows: collaboration with the Institute for Islamic Art in the field of Graphics, Illustration and writing a series of children’s stories called “Slim Wrist”, designing WordPress sites, along with their graphics, preparing and arranging articles from Undergraduate and Master’s theses, to participate in international conferences, making experimental animation, and participating in two foreign and domestic festivals; however, it should be noted that there is also participation in photography, painting, and story writing festivals. This research process continued until I started studying “Art Research”, for the Ph.D., and at the same time, as an art researcher, collaborated with the Negareh Research Center on a project basis.

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Zohreh Shayestehfar

Zohreh Shaystarfar, I am the owner of a colored square website and I have a doctorate in art research, who, with a keen desire to set up an online business, came up with several ideas that he had in mind, first decided to set up a website to showcase his portfolio and along with it. It is also the information and general information of art. the payment.

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